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2011-12 Team Schedule

On August 2, 2011, in General Info, Meet Info, by GUBC

Here’s the team schedule for 2011-12. Please note the “levels” and “add-on” columns. Not all levels go to all meets.
20011-12 Meet Schedule-Combined


SCRIP June 2011 Info

On June 12, 2011, in Fund Raising, SCRIP, by GUBC




The fundraiser for June is SCRIP!

These cards make terrific gifts and put funds into your account!


How to order:

Go to http://shopwithscrip.com. Register or login. Enter B744E34D129L9 for the GUBC nonprofit code.  Click on “Shop” tab to place your order.

You can also print out a PDF list of items for your offline friends. I ask that you enter items from this list online yourself.

When Orders are due:

Friday, July 1, 2011 by noon is the deadline to enter orders online and deposit your check in the GUBC mailbox. We cannot add orders after the deadline. Do not submit cash! Please submit one check for your entire order. We will deposit checks on Thursday, July 7, 2011. Cards will come in the following week.  I will let you know by email when they arrive.


If you have family and friends placing orders online, please put a note with your check telling us their names so we know to credit your daughter’s account.


NOTE: Scrip often changes the gift card availability, face value, and earning percentage.  Check for special rates on the shop with scrip site – they offer limited time increases in the payout percentage in certain time frames. If the available face value has gone up, or the card is no longer available, I will not order that card and you will receive a refund.  If the percentage has changed, I will order that card but please be aware that your earning may change. We will take a certain percentage from each order to cover postage.


Questions? :

Any questions, ask Sam Cridlin, GUBC co-VP at gubc@gu-indy.com or 435-8368.



Some Meet Pictures

On May 24, 2011, in meet images, Meet Info, by GUBC

April Meyer shares some meet pictures.



2010 State Champions

On May 15, 2011, in State Champions, by GUBC

The images for the 2010 State Champions are up on picasaweb web here:




Gymnast Jam Images

On January 11, 2011, in meet images, Meet Info, by GUBC

Sunday, Level 5 and Prep Opt random images. I got there as Level 5 awards were finishing. Stuck around for Jessie, Julianne, and Lauren. If you have any images from other sessions you would like posted, send them to gubc@gu-indy.com. Hopefully your file names will be better than mine!

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On June 23, 2010, in General Info, by GUBC

2010 Bylaws

FAQs PDF file

Q:           When will leos be ordered and how do they know my daughter’s size?

A:            Coach DeAnn (level 5) will size the girls this summer for their leos.  She does this by having the girls try on sample leos to determine which size fits best for competition.  DeAnn will order all the team apparel (practice leo, competitive leo, and warmups for level 4 and up).

Q:           What is the difference between the monthly payment that is directly withdrawn from my bank account and what I am paying to the GUBC?

A:            The monthly payment that is directly withdrawn is for your practices each week.  The payments made to the GUBC cover expenses associated with the competitions your daughter will participate in (USAG memberships, competitive apparel, meet entry fees, coaching fees at competition, and team expenses).

Q:           How do I make my GUBC payments?

A:            All payments to the GUBC must be made in the form of a check (credit payments are not available at this time).  Make checks payable to GUBC and  place them in the GUBC mailbox in the gym lobby.

Q:           How can I get GUBC information?

A:            A lot of the information is distributed through email.  Since we can’t gather often as a group, email is the most efficient method.  You can also find information on the GUBC bulletin board in the lobby across from the front desk.  If you need any other information contact one of the Executive Board members.

President:           Fatima Johnson (Jamya, Lvl 5 )

Co-Vice Pres:     Beth Dockins ( Annabelle, Lvl 8 )

Co-Vice Pres:     Sam Cridlin ( Julianne, Lvl PO )

Secretary:           Regine Stotts ( Hope, Lvl 6 )

Treasurer:           Kathy Cridlin ( Julianne, Lvl PO )

Co-Treasurer:    Angie Jenkins ( Juliannah, Lvl 3 )


Spirit Coordinator:           Tracy Tabit ( Claire, Lvl 4 )

Q:           What is available to supplement my daughter’s account?

A:            The GUBC coordinates fundraising throughout the year.  Information about fundraising will be sent to all the families through email.  Also, look on the GUBC bulletin board for fundraising info.

A second way to provide funds to your daughter’s account is through individual sponsorships.  If you have friends or family that would like to sponsor your daughter  they can be placed in the GUBC mailbox as well.  Please understand that a sponsorship is for your daughter and not the booster club.  The GUBC President has sponsorship forms that will be provided upon request.

Q:           How can I get involved with the GUBC?

A:            There are many ways to get involved with the GUBC:

  • Become a Level Rep:  Each level has  one or more level reps.  Level reps are the “go-to” parents for the rest of the level if you have any questions or concerns.  They also coordinate any special activities for their level (goodie bags, coaches gifts, etc.).
  • Run a fundraiser:  We’re always looking for fundraisers to participate in.  If you know of a great fundraiser we’d love to hear about it.
  • Join a committee for our meet:  When the GUBC hosts meets we need as much help as we can get.  There are many committees that pull everything together to ensure our meet is fun and runs smoothly.  Watch for more information about joining a committee.
  • Help out with our meet:  If you prefer to not be on a committee there are still other ways to participate in the meet the GUBC hosts.  We need several people to help set-up the event, work during the event, and teardown after the event.  Watch for more information on participating.

Q:           What does it mean when the GUBC “hosts a meet?”

A:            During the competitive season the GUBC will actually host one or more meets.  We invite all the gyms in Indiana to compete.  We are responsible for preparing the gym the night before; decorating for the meet; running the admissions, concessions, and awards; tallying the scores; providing accommodations for the judges; and providing food and comfort at the meet for the judges and all participating coaches; and cleaning everything up afterward.  There is a lot involved in the process but it is also very rewarding for all the families involved.  Everyone is encouraged to participate in one way or another (see the question “How can I get involved…” on how to participate.

Q:           When will the girls compete?

A:            The competitive season runs October – April.  Meets are scheduled to run on the weekends. Most meets run on Saturday and Sunday (but there is a potential for Friday sessions).  Your daughter will compete only one session of the meet.  A session lasts about 4 hours (attend the Meet Etiquette meeting to get more information about what to expect during a meet).

Coach David will put the schedule together for all levels.  He will determine what meets each level will attend.  In addition to the scheduled meets, David usually offers some meets that you can “add-on.”  The “add-on” meets are not included in your budgeted booster fees.  Participation in the “add-on” meets will depend on the number of girls who sign up.  If you choose to participate in an “add-on” meet payment of the estimated cost must be paid prior to being entered.

Q:           How can I find out how my daughter is developing as a gymnast?

A:            We encourage you to get in touch with your daughter’s coach.  They are your best resource for getting information on skills your daughter is working on.

Level 3:  Deena Blaskiewicz

Katie Brown

Maggie Walker

Level 4:  Stephanie Fishburn

Debbie Bruns

Level 5:  DeAnn Jackson

Debbie Bruns

All others:  David Jerger

Q:           I am concerned that my daughter isn’t getting a skill in one of her routines, but all the other girls on her level already have it.  Should I be worried?

A:            Understand that all girls develop gymnastic skills at different paces.  Do not be alarmed if your daughter doesn’t have a skill.  The coaches will work with her.  If the coach doesn’t feel she can safely perform the skill during competition the coach may have her “scratch” that event (vault, bars, beam, or floor).  If you have any questions about the skill, get in touch with your daughter’s coach.

Q:           Do I need to attend every practice?

A:            Watching your daughter during practice is your decision.  If you choose to stay during a practice, the coaches ask that you not try to communicate with your daughter.  For their safety, the coach needs the attention of your daughter during practice.  If you think your daughter is distracted by your presence you may want to just drop her off.

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SCRIP May 2010 Reminder and Info

On May 25, 2010, in Fund Raising, SCRIP, by GUBC

Don’t forget that checks and orders for May SCRIP are due this Friday, May 28 at 7PM.

How to order:

Go to http://shopwithscrip.com .  If you have registered, enter your email and password in the orange box and click “login”.  Click on “Shop” tab to place your order.  If you haven’t registered, click “Create Account” in green box.  Enter your information and click “I accept”. You’ll be asked to log in.  Enter B744E34D129L9 for the GUBC nonprofit code.  Click “Join”.  Click on “Shop” tab to place your order.

Another Way to Order:

There is a PDF order form if you need it for friends or family without internet connectivity. The order form, along with a Family User Guide from SCRIP, and an ID card with our enrollment ID on it, can be found at: http://cridlin.com/GymnasticsUnlimited/scrip/

When Orders are due:

Orders must be entered online, and checks deposited in the GUBC mailbox, by Friday, May 28, 2010 @ 7PM. Do not submit cash! Please submit one check for your entire order.  If check is not received by the deadline, your order will not be submitted.  Your check will be deposited in the bank on Monday, May 31, 2010. Orders will come in the following week.  I will let you know by email when it arrives.

If you have family and friends placing orders online, please put a note with your check telling us their names so we know to credit your daughter’s account.

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